Pigeon Impossible

This week we are going to be retelling the story of Pigeon Impossible. We have been looking at expanded noun phrases. Can you share an expanded noun phrase in the comments box that you have planned to use in your writing?

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6 Responses to Pigeon Impossible

  1. Bailey&Kian says:

    suddenly, the sneaky but intelligent pigeon followed the, creamy and sweet, donut into the brief case of danger and set off a deadly rocket aiming to blow up a massive country

  2. Jake says:

    As the scorching sun rose, the agent crossed the road to sit at the rotten,disgusting bench.

  3. Jessica says:

    Anxiously, whilst waiting for the full, delicious doughnut, the pigeon jumped back as he thought he was under attak!

  4. Katie says:

    Suddenly the pigeon ,who was flying rapidly , wanted the peppermint wich was glazed in sparkeling sugar donut that the suspitious agent was holding .

  5. Nicole & Layla says:

    Casually, a pesky pigeon flapped it’s feathered wings in order to persuade the man to pass him some of the double glazed doughnut.

  6. sonny says:

    as sweat driped down my face wile loking at my soild gold wach suddentl I pigon appeard

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